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Hi, I'm Elizabeth


I have always loved weddings. I've been told that wedding planning would be the one thing I'd do best had I not pursued music professionally. So here we are now - making that a reality.

I love to make any event the highlight of the year. I can't wait to become your new bff as we plan the most beautifully curated day celebrating you.


What we believe

All love is to be celebrated. Your wedding is to be all about you and your partner. We want to help you create that day, and take away all the stress and fuss. This should be one of the best days of your lives.

We believe in transparency, growth, kindness, and love. We want to create authentic moments, with all the special elements that represent you. Everything we do, we'll do it at 110%, giving our best to every event, project, shoot, or design. We're BIG dreamers, nothing is too crazy, hard, or impossible. 

Our goal is to leave you feeling blessed, relieved, and with a bit more sleep and rest than when you started planning/thinking about your wedding day.

Let's start making those dream designs, plans, and moments come true.

01 - Mama is my favourite name

Everything I do is for my daughter Olivia. Her name is the inspiration behind Olive & Co. Weddings. And she's the reason I started this company.


03 - I'm a classically trained pianist

I've played the piano for 25 years, and have a Bachelor of Music. I own my own music studio - Rabbitt Music Studio. And I love teaching, especially the advanced levels. (yes that's me!)


02 - If there's bubbly, I'm there

A true extrovert. People and bubbly are my other two favourite things.


04 - I love love

I'm a big believer in the forever lasting kind of love. Yep, you could say I'm a hopeless romantic. And I'll definitely cry at your wedding. 



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