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Tips for Planning Your Alberta Wedding During a Wedding Boom Year

4 Tips for Planning Your Alberta Wedding in 2022 & 2023

1. Make Prompt Decisions on Venues and Vendors

Vendors are booking up faster than before. Most of the primary vendors are booking up to 14-18 months in advance! Inquire & send a deposit to secure a date - especially with the vendors that are on your dream list!

2. Adjust Expectations for Your Wedding Budget

With inflation costs rising, & supply & demand also increasing, hard good costs are increasing to offset these changes! Remember, some of the weddings booked in 2022 & 2023 have been booked since 2020! Everything, and I mean everything, costs more now. Supply chain issues and staff shortages have profoundly impacted the wedding industry. Global delays in supplies for florists, caterers, and other vendors, service industry labor shortages, and the honest-to-god truth of vendors increasing their prices after two years of no work are very real. Couples can no longer expect things to cost what they used to, so adjusting your expectations and managing your wedding budget wisely is essential.

3. Be Flexible… Really Flexible

Flexibility is important, especially when choosing your wedding event dates and venues. Consider getting married on a weekday, or a Sunday. You can also consider an off-season wedding. Most couples get married on a Saturday between June and September. Choosing a date outside of these popular times may prove successful in terms of solidifying the venue and vendors you want.

4. Guest Communications are KEY

Send save the dates sooner so guests can book necessary travel and accommodations (as well as continue to adhere to Covid-19 protocols) well in advance. Update your wedding website regularly with any changes. When in doubt - over communicate!

Planning Your Wedding with Olive & Co Weddings in 2022 & 2023

Planning your wedding during a wedding boom year is no easy task. However, even with these challenges, you can have the wedding of your dreams; it just takes a little extra care, consideration, flexibility, and planning. Let us help you choose the perfect venue, manage your wedding budget, and find the ideal vendors to design the wedding you’ve always wanted. It’s possible, and we’re here to make it happen. Contact us today to solidify your wedding date!

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