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Warm & Earthy Tone Wedding Tablescape

Fall brings out so many beautiful tones & this tablescape was inspired by those! After finding this amazing tablecloth, the rest of the design began to come to life.

Because I wanted to focus on the tones that the tablecloth had, I would bring it with me to each store as I collected each design element. Patterned tablecloths are making a major comeback, & I'm obsessed!!

I knew I wanted to bring in some earthy elements. By having wood candlestick holders & a jute charger, the earthiness grounded the rest of this design. I played with a few ideas for flatware, but the brassy/gold tones worked the best. Of course, you could go with a gorgeous antique flatware, or even use a two-tone white & gold flatware. But I really wanted to simplify some elements because I wanted to highlight & showcase the tablecloth. The cheesecloth runner in white was an element I went back & forth with. I loved how it looked on or without! But ultimately, with the runner, it created a softness that this wedding tablescape deserved.

Warm toned roses are all the rage right now, so of course these cappuccino roses were a must! I wanted to again keep the florals simple & I'm obsessed with how lovely they are in the bud vases.

The napkin fold was the only other element I went back and forth with. But again, the tablecloth was my main inspiration behind this design & since I decided to use the runner, which does cover some of the tablecloth, the napkins needed to be on the plates. The way it draws the eye down the table & tablecloth creates such beautiful symmetry & asymmetry.

Warm & earthy tones are in right now, & honestly whether fall or spring, these tones are going to be everywhere this wedding season!

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