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Romantic & Modern Design | Calgary, AB

Weddings are always creating trends, but something about a white & black wedding always says "classic!" There's never going to be a day where I won't enjoy designing with such neutral & flexible tones.

For this wedding, we wanted to make sure these classic tones stayed romantic. So the table runner was a must! These cheesecloth runners are trending right now & for good reason! The texture it brings to a tablescape is stunning. Whether bunched & organic looking, or flat & polished, the options are endless. With this design, again because we wanted the colour palette to lean romantic instead of modern, the organic placement of the runner brought this to life.

Black flatware, acrylic place cards & candlestick holders brought the modern edge without flipping over the design to become to masculine. Every black element was chosen intentionally. To create symmetry, depth & interest in the entire design. The way the eye flows from the flatware, to the place card & up to the candle sticks is wonderful.

The tone-on-tone dinnerware & napkin are a modern touch as well. Monochrome designs are trending in fashion, & interior design. By using the same style dinner & salad plate, symmetry was achieved. But by having the napkin knot tied & off to the side this adds asymmetry & weight bringing the tone-on-tone design back to life.

Everything about this design is timeless. It's not too feminine that the groom was feeling excluded in the design of the day, but it also is just romantic enough. The touches of blush in the florals & candles brought a little more depth to the overall palette as well.

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