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Intimate Wedding Welcome Party

Vendors: Venue: Flores & Pine / Photography: Justine Milton / Flowers: Creative Edge Florals / Rentals: Modern Rentals / Stationery: Kenzie May Co / Acrylic Name Tags: Her Modern Artistry / Beauty: Perfection Hair & Makeup / Bridal Jumpsuit: Blush & Raven / Suit: Tip Top Tailors / Rings: Alberta Diamond Exchange / Shoes: Bella Belle Shoes

In the realm of weddings, the trend pendulum swings ceaselessly between grandiose affairs and intimate celebrations, each with its own charm and allure. However, for couples seeking a fusion of intimacy and retro glam, the disco purple and yellow retro-themed welcome party presents an irresistible opportunity to kick off their matrimonial journey in style.

Picture this: a whimsical setting adorned with vibrant hues of purple and yellow, reminiscent of the groovy disco era of the 70s. A 5-tiered champagne tower with disco ball decor, bold tablescapes, retro audio guest book and luscious flowers created the perfect evening for a welcome party. The atmosphere pulsates with the infectious beats of disco classics, setting the stage for an unforgettable evening of revelry.

Intimate gatherings have become increasingly popular, offering couples the chance to connect more deeply with their loved ones in a relaxed setting. The disco purple and yellow retro theme adds a playful twist to the festivities, evoking nostalgia and inviting guests to immerse themselves in a bygone era of funky fashion and carefree fun.


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